About S.C.D.A. Pitesti

Development-Agricultural Research Station Pitesti Pitesti is the public law institution organized as a public institution with legal personality, subordinated to the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences "Gheorghe Ionescu Şişeşti " Bucharest.

The normative act under which the resort is currently operating in Law No. 45/2009 on the organization and functioning of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences ,, Gheorghe Ionescu Şişeşti and the system of research and development in the fields of agriculture , forestry and industry supply Bucharest, Law 72 / 2011 and HGnr 378/2018.


The unit has undergone a structural evolution over time as follows:

           Agricultural Research Station (SCA) from 1970 to 1990,

Research Station for Cereals and Technical Plants (SCCPT) Pitesti between 1990 and 2006,

Pitești Agricultural Development Research Station since 2006 and so far


According to art. 3, para. 1, of the GD 378 / 24.05.2018 " The station has as main object the research-development activity in the field of field plant culture ".

The unit operates according to CAEN code 7219: Research and Development in other Natural Sciences and Engineering

The research activity is carried out in several directions:

- Improvement of autogame plants, mainly in autumn wheat;        

- 0 to obtain new autumn wheat lines with genetic, physiological and environmental characteristics adapted to the specific soil type;        

- Comparative study of new lines and varieties from the national network, in autumn wheat, autumn barley and triticale;        

- Obtaining autumn wheat lines with resistance to plant and animal pathogens in order to obtain current genetic advances;        

- Harnessing the genetic potential of field plants by promoting agriculture with ecological characteristics;        

- Production of seeds for autumn and spring cereals;        

- Completing the collection with forms of autumn cereals as a useful source for obtaining genetic progress in autumn cereals;        

- Promoting the different types of rotations specific to the zonal agriculture systems, adapted to the requirements of the new type farms;        

- Elaboration of the most suitable seeding systems in accordance with the requirements of the new genetic creations, with the aim of superior varorification of new, intensive and conventional technologies, but also of the ecological ones;        

- Promoting new creations of technical plants: autumn rapeseed, sunflower and soybeans, in order to ensure adequate rotations in the promotion of sustainable agriculture ;        

- The study of the biology and the damage caused by the plant and animal pests at the main field plants;        

- Ensuring the protection of field plants against diseases, pests and weeds by means of the most complex means of integrated management.        

- Promote new methods of control / control of plant and animal pests at agricultural plants;        

- Promote fertilizers with a gentle effect on the agricultural environment, along with reducing all products with high concentrations in active principles;        

- Development of new agrotechnical methods for combating the phenomenon of global warming.